Monday, February 8, 2010

The 5 most common affiliate marketing mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes that fresh affiliate marketer made is that they keep buying the next holy grail or product and in no way get ongoing to some real work. Every time when there is a up-to-the-minute next 'Big thing' that assure quick and easy cash they will buy. Buying and reading will make you well inform and be prepared for your online business. However, getting on track or taking massive actions is where the cash will start to arrive in.

At this point, another mistake is that some affiliate marketers are in a rush to start their online business without much education. It's good to take actions but you must have a time tested action plan achieved by someone who has succeeded. The new marketers will be so hardworking doing it till the late nights without guided directions. The problem is, after a few trial and error, money seems not coming into their pocket and they just give up hope.

Choosing the wrong affiliate program is another mistakes. In a hurry to make money, many people just sell the hot product without doing much research. Selling something you are passionate about and have bought the product to use will give a better credibility to answer your customers questions. You can show them the benefits and the results of having the product. Furthermore, they are not aware that certain product flow with certain trend.

A few marketers will promote dozen of advertisements on their website. Visitors will be bombarded by too many banners etc. It is best to focus on a niche with about 2 products. This will be easier to track and to know if the products are profitable. Once it's proven success you can start to add new product. Of course, discard product if it is not of any demand.

Many super affiliates have said that money is in the list and that's probably true. Many prospects will not buy a product once they glance over a website. After a few days, they might have forgotten to look at your website for the product again. It is best to get your customer name and email address and remind them of the benefits of the product.

Lastly,if you want to succeed in the online business you will have to learn and overcome many practical lessons especially during your failure. Write it down and try new strategies. Be prepared to keep on learning as this is the only way to stay ahead in the affiliate marketing business.

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