Friday, March 26, 2010

5 New Ways To Let Your Optin Subscribers Trust You

Getting people to join in your subscriber list is only the beginning. To convert subscriber to buyer is another thing. So how do you turn subscriber into buyer? Have you encounter that most subscribers will turn buyers only after you have send them at least 6th emails and above. On the other hand, no matter how good your service you provide, your subscribers will never buy from you? The simple trick for conversion to work is to build trust. It is very easy and I will show you now.

Firstly, you must be an expert in your niche and your business must be legitimate. Have you heard of viral marketing? When you constantly give countless of help to your subscribers, news of you will spread like wildfire to many people within seconds. All thanks to social media such as facebook and twitter.

Make sure your website display certain things such as contact information, privacy policy, terms of use and disclaimer. Let your subscriber knows that your website is spam free and they can unsubscribe at anytime. Ensure that all your subscribers' information such as personal and financial information are safe from the public.

Always maintain two way communications. You can ask what your subscribers want and give it to them if it's possible or promote products. Relationship building is very important. Once it's achieved, you need not compete on price, bonus or hard sell to your customers. People are more comfortable buying from someone they trust.

How do you feel when a seller over delivered on what you want? Yes, you are excited and will be attracted to his recommendations. My point of view is, don't just stop on what your buyer want but give them high quality stuff or extra related items. They will come back to you for more!

Offer guarantee of product satisfaction or refund within a period such as 60 days with no question ask. Many subscribers are keen to buy product such as ebook. If you are in a bookstore, you can glance through a book easily. However, an ebook can only glance through after a purchase. Buy having a refund policy, this shows your confidence in your product recommendations.

Finally, the above 5 tricks are sure to build a strong trust between you and your subscribers. Eventually, they will turn into potential buyers and more buyers will join in too. Now, go to Anthony website to check on the 5 New Ways To Let Your Optin Subscribers Trust You.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

List Building Secrets

Want to know list building secrets? Let's talk about 5 New Ways To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers. Just watch the video...

Monday, March 22, 2010

5 New Ways To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers

All people dealing with online businesses know that a huge list of subscribers is very important. Subscribers optin rate for a high traffic website would be much higher as compare to low traffic website. When it comes to making money, a high traffic website could have a potential to make 6 figures per month while a low traffic website could only make 2 figures per month. I am going to show you 5 fast and easy way to build a list of hungry subscribers.

Mass joint venture with every competitors in your niche. Make sure your product is of good quality as other marketers would not promote crap products. Now email them to ask if they are interested in doing an ad swap. If they agree to email their subscribers about your product, you might have over 10,000 people into you list soon.

First, run a contest whereby top 3 marketers would win attractive prizes for promoting your website. The objective is to get people to promote your products or just spreading the word about your free reports. Have tracking code installed to tracked the top 3 marketers with the highest driving traffic to your website.

Video Marketing works like a charm. Video sites today are ranking pretty high for certain keywords. You simply create a quick videos and upload it to all the major video sites and be ranking in minutes. There are many softwares that convert article to video in less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, there are services that helps to distribute your videos to major sites fast.

Constantly research by asking what your subscribers want. This saves you a great amount of time as they give you real feedback and you can source for the products that they want. Many marketers have overlooked this very important thing. Some marketers will buy expensive software to track the hottest product. However, not much sales are made as if that hottest product is not what their subscribers or customers want.

There are tons of people who lost thousands of dollars using Google Adwords. You need to have a thorough research before departing your money. Set up a daily budget for at least a month. Determine your cost per click to know if your campaign is worth it?

To end, it's much better to master one of the above trick before proceeding to the next. Newbie has a learning curve, so do not rush. However, following this 5 simple steps you can see a flood of subscribers coming to your website within weeks.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email List Building Secret

3 New Ways To Build A Profitable List Of Subscribers! You can watch and listen to the video...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 New Ways To Build A Profitable List Of Subscribers

You have set up your niche blog and display a list of quality products. You try to increase traffic to your website by constantly posting good and high quality articles. Your tracking system shows the number of visitors to your website has double. However, there seems to be not much increase of buyers. You begin to do thorough research and found that it is crucial to build a profitable list of subscribers! The reason is simple, most visitors will not buy on their first visit to a webiste. Once the visitors go away, chances are, they will not come back to your website ever again!

The very first thing you need to do is to display a big optin page at your website to collect your subscribers' email addresses and names. Most visitors will not naturally give their names and email addresses. So you need to show your anti spam message visibly near your collection of email and names. This will increase your visitors confident in signing up to your list. By the way, you need to offer good quality freebies to entice them. The freebies can be software, ebook or audio.

The second thing is to email them with very good information during the initial emails. Do not bombard them with selling of products. Show your expertise to your new subscribers and gain their trust in you. Tell your subscribers about yourself and let them be very comfortable with you. Build a strong relationship with your list and constantly ask them for feedback. With this knowledge, you know what your subscribers want. It is much more effective comparing using expensive keyword research tool to search for what is the hottest item. Have you come across a hot item recommended by an expert which you are not interested?

The third thing is to give free stuff to keep your list. Just imagine your daily or weekly emails are nothing but just selling? The next thing you know is that most subscribers would just get away from you soon! However, you don't want to make it a website with tons of freebies to over pamper your list. Freebies seeker don't buy. Buyers buy and you received money. You can balance out your emails message by giving 60% of freebies and 40% of selling quality stuff. This is like a sale funnel to keep your loyal subscribers and let you freebies seeker go away.

Finally, what you have just read is just the tip of iceberg. Come on down to my website whereby I will show you more meaty stuff. Stop hovering around websites showing the same old spinning articles. Most guru will never tell you this, ever! Get my free ebooks now!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

What has leadership and viral marketing in common. A leader is brave to start and lead others to follow. Look at the video and you will see a guy passing the dancing mood to the rest of the crowd. Picture yourself creating a hot product and others just promote the item free for you.

…Ever wonder why Guru create hot product with high commission of 75%. Guru knows that his back end sale will be getting much more money as his affiliates army (downline) will use their personal time and money to write in article marketing, PPC campaign, creating videos, blogs, websites, press release etc all about the GURU’s product and promote the GURU’s name daily. That’s to say, that GURU get free advertising from his affiliates army or downline on a daily basis without himself doing much work after creating his product. That’s what viral marketing all about!

This video is a bit shaky and not very clear. However, stay tune and be focus as behind it is a story to be learned.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is so simple, should have thought of this long time ago! Not the old and outdated story ... it works! Of course, you need to put in tons of effort. Forget about what people showing you things such as auto set up and forget stuff... money will role in fast...