Friday, February 26, 2010

Can Viral Marketing Still Get Huge Traffic?

I would simply label viral marketing as something that is so appealing that friends be fond of to share it by passing it to other friends quickly. All right, it works and it's simply one of the most excellent methods. Why? It doesn't cost much and the probability of getting the message stretch is much greater and faster too. You see, friends are more likely to look at what you share with them as compared to a complete strangers.

Let's look at 5 easy and helpful viral marketing strategies.

More and more public are searching for videos on 'How to'. Youtube is one of the site where lots of people search for results. Simply imagine a newbie watching an expert explaining how to create a website using step by step videos? Wouldn't it be much quicker and easier to understand than to read a total foreign HTML language book? Is is easier using a guidebook to dance hip hope or a video clips showing you a step by step on how to dance hip hop? How about listening to an article instead of reading it by yourself?
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Ok, ebook is still going strong and there are still a generous crowd of book lovers. This is especially true if you have a re-brandable ebook. You let you readers switch all the affiliate links and they are most keen to keep forwarding your ebook hoping to earn a commision.

Article marketing can make you well-know. Imagine people love your remarkable article and they will published your work at their websites and blogs. You have just increase a number of backlinks to your website and traffic will increase too. Ultimately, both party websites traffic increases though the publisher has the advantage of lesser work by not writing. Writer please know what you are writing and be very proficient about it. Many experience writers are in this field looking at your article. You simply can't escape their knowledge.

Twitter is increasing and more people are using it to bond to friends. If you have 100 followers, you could deliver your news to 100 people instantly. What if you have 1000 people or more? That's a massive traffic coming in to your website.

Facebook is also another social media network to lookout. You can connect to your friends and your friends can connect to their friends. It's almost a giveaways traffic.

The above methods are by no means easy and fast if you are just starting out. However, with some passion and time in preparation, you will see your viral marketing strategies works. Tons of traffic will come to you in no time.

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