Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 New Ways To Build A Profitable List Of Subscribers

You have set up your niche blog and present a list of quality products. You try to upsurge traffic to your website by constantly posting good and high quality articles. Your tracking system shows the total of visitors to your website has increase twofold. However, there seems to be not much upsurge of buyers. You start to do thorough investigation and found that it is crucial to build a profitable list of subscribers! The explanation is simple, generally visitors will not buy on their first visit to a website. Once the visitors go away, chances are, they will not come back to your website ever again!

The very first thing you need to do is to exhibit a big optin page at your website to accumulate your subscribers' email addresses and names. Nearly all visitors will not easily give their names and email addresses. So you need to display your anti-spam message clearly near your collection of email and names. This will enhance your visitors confident in signing up to your list. By the way, you need to offer first-rate quality freebies to lure them. The freebies can be software, ebook or audio.

The second thing is to email them with very useful information during the initial emails. Do not bomb them with promotion of products. Demonstrate your expertise to your new subscribers and let them gain their trust in you. Tell your subscribers about yourself and let them be very comfortable with you. Build a strong connection with your list and constantly ask them for feedback. With this knowledge, you know what your subscribers want. It is much more successful comparing using expensive keyword research tool to search for what is the hottest item. Have you come across a hot item recommended by an expert which you are not interested?

The third thing is to give free stuff to keep your list. Just imagine your daily or weekly emails are nothing but just advertising? The next thing you know is that most subscribers would just get away from you soon! However, you don't want to make it a website with tons of freebies to over pamper your list. Freebies seeker don't buy. Buyers buy and you received money. You can balance out your emails message by giving 60% of freebies and 40% of selling quality stuff. This is like a sale funnel to keep your loyal subscribers and let you freebies seeker go away.

As a final point, what you have just read is just the tip of iceberg. Come on down to my website whereby I will show you more substantial stuff. Stop hanging around websites showing the same old spinning articles. Most guru will never tell you this, ever! See you inside now.

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