Monday, March 22, 2010

5 New Ways To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers

All people dealing with online businesses know that a huge list of subscribers is very important. Subscribers optin rate for a high traffic website would be much higher as compare to low traffic website. When it comes to making money, a high traffic website could have a potential to make 6 figures per month while a low traffic website could only make 2 figures per month. I am going to show you 5 fast and easy way to build a list of hungry subscribers.

Mass joint venture with every competitors in your niche. Make sure your product is of good quality as other marketers would not promote crap products. Now email them to ask if they are interested in doing an ad swap. If they agree to email their subscribers about your product, you might have over 10,000 people into you list soon.

First, run a contest whereby top 3 marketers would win attractive prizes for promoting your website. The objective is to get people to promote your products or just spreading the word about your free reports. Have tracking code installed to tracked the top 3 marketers with the highest driving traffic to your website.

Video Marketing works like a charm. Video sites today are ranking pretty high for certain keywords. You simply create a quick videos and upload it to all the major video sites and be ranking in minutes. There are many softwares that convert article to video in less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, there are services that helps to distribute your videos to major sites fast.

Constantly research by asking what your subscribers want. This saves you a great amount of time as they give you real feedback and you can source for the products that they want. Many marketers have overlooked this very important thing. Some marketers will buy expensive software to track the hottest product. However, not much sales are made as if that hottest product is not what their subscribers or customers want.

There are tons of people who lost thousands of dollars using Google Adwords. You need to have a thorough research before departing your money. Set up a daily budget for at least a month. Determine your cost per click to know if your campaign is worth it?

To end, it's much better to master one of the above trick before proceeding to the next. Newbie has a learning curve, so do not rush. However, following this 5 simple steps you can see a flood of subscribers coming to your website within weeks.

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