Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

What has leadership and viral marketing in common. A leader is brave to start and lead others to follow. Look at the video and you will see a guy passing the dancing mood to the rest of the crowd. Picture yourself creating a hot product and others just promote the item free for you.

…Ever wonder why Guru create hot product with high commission of 75%. Guru knows that his back end sale will be getting much more money as his affiliates army (downline) will use their personal time and money to write in article marketing, PPC campaign, creating videos, blogs, websites, press release etc all about the GURU’s product and promote the GURU’s name daily. That’s to say, that GURU get free advertising from his affiliates army or downline on a daily basis without himself doing much work after creating his product. That’s what viral marketing all about!

This video is a bit shaky and not very clear. However, stay tune and be focus as behind it is a story to be learned.

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